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 The Story of Robert Cooper

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PostSubject: The Story of Robert Cooper   The Story of Robert Cooper I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 01, 2012 9:12 am


"Motherfuckers with no loyalty don't deserve to live." I announced as I squeezed my finger around the trigger, firing a round off into Marcus' head, killing him instantly. I turned my back to the crumpled form of Marcus laying hidden in the dumpster and limped my way to the exit of the warehouse, a trail of blood following behind me. As soon as I opened the door and stepped outside, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, something moving quickly towards me. I then heard the pump of a Mossberg being pumped and turned towards the sound. Wade was there smiling with his crooked smile, his custom Mossberg 500 in hand.

"Shit, let's just ta-" I managed to say before he let off some buckshot at my chest, knocking me onto my back.

-Part One: And It Begins-

Chapter One

It all started last week, when Louis arrived in town. Louis had been a good friend of mine for half my life, but we had a falling out a couple of years ago. We hadn't talked since then, so I was quite surprised when he showed up at my door at two o'clock in the morning.

"The fuck you doing here?" I snapped as I open the front door.

"What? No 'hello'?" replied Louis quietly.

"My bad, sorry... Hello, now what the fuck you doing here? I haven't seen you in over two years."

"Just lemme in man, I been travellin' all day to get here. I've never been so tired in my life. Just lemme in."

"Fuck, whatever, just don't do no crazy shit like last time I seen you." I said as I moved out of the doorway to head inside.

I motioned him to follow me into the house. We went into the living room and I sat Louis down before I went to turn on the light. I turned to Louis and what I saw shocked me and he could tell. He bowed his head and shook it slowly. When he finally brought it back up, I could see his face clearly. His eyes were bloodshot, deep lines of dark red running throughout them. Large dark bags hung underneath them like thousands of bats. His face was incredibly pale, almost as if he had been bled dry of all his blood.

I stared at him for what seemed like an eternity before I could even open my mouth to speak. When I finally managed to open my mouth, everything that came out was inaudible. Louis just stared at me, not saying a word as I struggled to find mine.

"Jesus fuckin' Christ." I finally managed to say. I asked Louis what had happened. He told me that he would explain more in the morning but I managed to get some information out of him. Apparently, he had 'borrowed' a whole lot of money from some man named Big Al. He was planning on returning the money after a deal he was working on went through, but he ended up getting jumped and he lost all the money. Long story short, he has been running for his life for the past two months.

We just sat in silence for a little while before I finally broke the silence. "How much did you get off this Big Al?"

"A quarter..." muttered Louis under his breath.

"A quarter? A quarter what?" I replied back.

Louis bowed his head once more, looking at the ground as he slowly shook his head. He brought his hands up to his face and buried it into them. "A quarter mil." whispered Louis. "A quarter mil."

(To be continued)
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The Story of Robert Cooper
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